Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time goes fast

Wow it's been four and half months since I posted anything on here. Actually when I think about it, it's been that long since I have have had the chance to do any modeling. College seems to be taking up most of my time these days but I needed a break and decided that a little kit bashing over Christmas was just what I needed.

Unfortunately I didn't take photos as I went along. I just started building on Wednesday afternoon and kept going. This was a On30, Bachmann Davernport Gas Mechanical.
I made a new cab and added some extra detail for my Gn15 Loco / Layout

and here is some more detailed shots, like the radiator made entirely from styrene, the air compressor tank made from a white metal casting using guitar strings as piping.

and one more of the cab view

I still have some weathering to do and I want to add some more cab detail (perhaps a pepper 7 Gn15 cab kit?) but it is basically finished.

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  1. Nice work Tess, always good to take a break. All the best for 2012. Darren