Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last night and this morning I hashed over some key point for my Gn15 layout.

The Baseboard

* Light weight (able to be lifted /setup by one person)
* Non-Standard Shape (Not Square)
* Integrated lighting

The Trackwork

* Gn15 & Gn9 track – Possibly dual gauge in spots.
* Track plan to look end to end but has a continuous run for shows
* Multi-level track
* 2 or 3 track transverse table for whole train length (hidden)

Layout Extras

* Working animation i.e. operating warehouse doors or crane lift.
* Loco’s to have drivers
* DC or DCC operation
* Building lights
* Welding light flasher
* Sounds

So today I started on Base board construction. I've decided that on one end the baseboard will be curved so I have started laminating thin boards together to form a strong curve.

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