Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Beginings

With the TMTEX 2011 over I remembered just how much I do enjoy displaying a layout and really regret not getting my ass into gear and completing / repairing my On30 layout "Traders Junction", although being sick as I still am, it would have severely hampered my ability to be there on the weekend anyway.

Having said that, seeing Geoff's "Splitters Swamp Creek" there, has spurred me on to getting things organized. As a result of all this thought I still have not come to any firm decisions (no surprises there) and as I now have a serious addiction to G Scale. I am planning on building a Gn15/Gnine layout for the 2012 show so in the mean time I will try and sell the On30 Layout. If it dose not sell however I may bring it to the show as well.

So being stuck at home and off work I've had a chance to do some more tinkering with printed paper covered buildings, wooden pallets and 4 wheel wagons.

Oh and I'd like to thank "Rob" for being the first to officially follow my blog

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  1. Hi Tess,
    Looking forward to seeing your modelling.