Monday, July 16, 2012

New Life for an Old Layout

I had started a layout sometime ago (original post but I wasn't able to achieve the desired building design that I wanted so the project had been shelved for a while.
After attending the Toowoomba show back in the beginning of June I was re inspired by the model railway scene and wanted to get back into some modelling but TAFE commitments really was preventing that from happening. So now with this semesters 2 exams (Anatomy & Physiology) over with I had a few days up my sleeve to express my creative self again. 

Rather than start a new layout from scratch or build another diorama I decided to breathe some new life into the G-9 layout that started so long ago. 

I even have a place to display the new layout, at the nursing home that I work they will be doing a display for the upcoming carnival of flowers (September). So now I have a deadline to work to and limited space to put it in.  The circular G-9 layout seemed like the perfect option.

Here is the over all view of the layout, the centre still needs work done. The track plan is a folded figure 8. It's just 77cm diameter and spins on a centre post, which is how the power is supplied to the layout it is also supported by 3 small wheels about 120 degrees apart. Future plans will have a motor underneath the layout spinning the board at about 1 rmp.

Some more photos...

adding some weeds ...

and details of the bridge and rusty push bike.

If anyone wants to follow the progress of this layout I'll be posting dialy / 2nd daily updates on the Gn15 Forum but I will try to keep this blog updated to (just not as often)
Here the link anyway

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