Sunday, July 22, 2012


Standing about 35cm tall this tree scales out to just a little over 27 feet in G-Scale(1:24) quite a modest tree but when compared to other scales ... wow. Especially when I look at some of the N-Scale trees that I have used as shrubs on this layout (just out of camera view) in fact I had to use 3 N-Scale trees twisted together to make a realistic looking shrub which only stands about 18-24 inches high.

This tree was make using the tried and true method of twisting wire and then coating them with "No More Gaps" however to get the size of base I needed to achieve the look I wanted I had to start with a piece of Balsa wood (5 one inch square pieces actually) and then continued building and shaping from there.

Still have to paint it and add foliage once this completely dry but I'm happy with the results so far.

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  1. Tess, the tree looks fantastic! The buttressing of the base looks very effective, I look forward to seeing the paint and foliage added, Geoff.