Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Point Control and Backdrops

A quick trip down to Brisbane Airport yesterday gave me an opportunity to drop into HobbyOne, all be it 9 minutes before it closed :(
Anyway I picked up this Control Rod Cable for my point control

I also attached the actuating arm to the slide switch mounted under the layout

Tomorrow I'll be trying to get it all working to the edge of the back of the layout. I'll probably make some sort of recessed cut out on the back edge but I haven't totally figured that out just yet. I'll probably hash out a few ideas on paper later tonight so I know whats going to work.

I also managed to cut and undercoat the backing boards

Remembering back to previous years.... Wow has it been that long since I displayed a layout at a show.
Anyway remembering back I felt there was never enough space to simply put things down on or near a layout so I added a small shelf at the back. This has the added benefit of stiffing up the 3mm MDF backing board as well.

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