Sunday, January 5, 2014

Track laying

The track in down and wired in and the hidden switch for the electro-frog point in installed and working. I just need to continue the brass control rod off the the edge of the layout and to a knob.

Other than just testing it with the multimeter I haven't tested it properly as I now can't seem to find the DCC controller in the shed :(. I know its there but it just to hot to go scouring through everything to find it.

The Layout also has a name. "Oakthorpe Valley Fruit Co." or simply "Oakthorpe".
The idea of the layout is based around a peach farm.
Here is a label from one of the peach boxes.

My plan is to have removable loads on short 4 wheel wagons. Things that this rail may carry could be quite varied. Fruit from a off scene orchard, finished and boxed fruit, both fresh and tinned, bottled drinks or even general items to maintain a farm / factory area the possibilities seem endless. 
I have BIG PLANS for my little layout.


  1. Tess, looking good! How on earth did you make up the sign, and do you do commission work?

  2. I use Corel Draw and Corel PhotoPaint which are both part of the Corel X5 Package for windows. But I did cheat a little I got the idea from looking at other fruit box labels in Google Images